Looking to take the first step towards lean & productive workplace? Then first develop & implement 5S  System.

With our expertise, get the system developed (everywhere in the company) to embrace the path of continuous improvement.

Do you face these challenges in workplace or office?

5S Challenges in Workplace
  • You are not able to find the parts / materials and the regularly used items in the workplace easily.

  • There are frequent breakdowns in machinery.

  • The maintenance schedules have gone haywire.

  • There is an abnormal delay in producing or servicing goods to the customer, leading to their dissatisfaction.

  • The working place is ugly / unclean and hampers easy movement.

  • Everyone blames the other for a unclean & untidy workplace.

  • There is a disorganization and dilapidation in the workplace leading to operational chaos.

  • Nobody takes responsibility for the cleanliness of their own working area.

  • Improper or no documentation of good cleanliness systems available in the company.

  • Even if the cleanliness / orderliness is followed in the workplace, it is not sustained for a longer time, leading to the above issues & problems.

Incorporating 5S Practices Solves These Challenges

The Proven 5S Methodology

5S Principles
  • 5S is an effective & proven method of organizing workplace so that you can perform your tasks with ease, safely and efficiently.

  • It has 5 simple steps – Sort, Set in Order (Straighten), Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

  • It has two simple focus. They are - keeping everything where to belongs, & keeping the workplace clean.

  • This makes the work easy to everyone. This in turn makes the workplace without clutter, helping the workers do the jobs without wasting time or risking injury.

  • By having a systematically organized facility, a company increases the likelihood that production will occur exactly as it should

5S = A Clean & Efficient Workplace

Hire us to guide in 5S implementation and experience these benefits

Benefits of 5S
  • Enhancement in shopfloor & office productivity & improvement in the employee morale.

  • Lesser machine breakdowns.

  • Ease of retrieving materials or parts or the regularly used day to day items.

  • Lesser rejections and rework.

  • Improvement in employee efficiency.

  • Adherence to compliances. 

  • Establishment of health and safety for all.

The project methodology

Need more reasons to make 5S implementation a priority?

Benefits of 5S
  • It inculcates a feel – good factor for all employees

  • It makes the job easier for every employee

  • It heightens employee safety

  • It involves every employee in enhancing organization productivity, performance & profitability.

  • It is the first step towards making the organization optimized.

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