Custom eLearning Modules for Workforce Development

Depending on the organization's learning needs, we build SCORM compliant custom eLearning modules giving the learners a flexible pacing & an engaging content that sticks.

Facing Challenges in Developing Employee eLearning Programs?

Challenges in Developing Custom eLearning Modules
  • The creators are unable to design and develop relevant eLearning programs.

  • Employees may not be motivated to learn new skills.

  • You do not get a sense of how your employees are reacting to the programs developed.

  • There is a confusion in dealing with huge chunks of content and finding ways of arranging it. 

  • There is a confusion in choosing the most compatible instructional design model.

  • There is a lack of time to develop high quality programs.

  • In ability to admit mistakes done while designing the program and then spending huge time and resources to correct the mistakes later on.

  • It is difficult to anticipate future learning problems and prepare to handle them accordingly.

Or, Did You Realize This?

SOP Realization
  • Employees either fail to see the relevance of training nor can  understand its objectives.

  • The mode of delivery is outdated and uninteresting, making training ineffective for employees.

  • There is a need to build programs that suit the employee learning needs, quickly and effective enough to ensure lesser downtime in building them.
Interactive Online Learning come to the aid in solving the above challenges.

It consists of training content or courses that are hosted online through a platform called Learning Management System (LMS).

These modules use multimedia such as, interactivity elements, animations, graphics, and simulations, to make the learning experience more dynamic and engaging.

They also include a range of elements like quizzes, simulations, assessments and feedback systems that can help in reinforcement of the learning.

What Should The eLearning Modules Focus Its Value On?

The eLearning modules must show a clear pathway towards the company's performance and towards  accelerated application.

The 3 Focused Objectives of Every Program

Objective 1) Identifying and defining specific business goals

Business goal
  • This is important because it helps to align the program with the organization's objectives, improves learning outcomes, enables evaluation and measurement, facilitates resource allocation, and engages stakeholders.

  • It can also help in creating a clear and consistent message for learners.

Objective 2) Understanding the learner’s style, profile, and unique preferences

Learner Profile
  • This is important because it helps to create personalized and engaging learning experiences.

  • Also it can improve learner engagement, increase retention, and ultimately lead to more effective learning,

Objective 3) Tailoring the contents as per the desired learning outcomes

Learner Profile
  • This is important because, it ensures that the program is efficient and effective, as learners are only spending time on the content that is directly relevant to their learning goals.

  • Also it can lead to improved learning outcomes, higher learner satisfaction, and increased overall program effectiveness.

Hire Us to Develop Your eLearning Content

Interactive eLearning
  • We work with you to build the perfect custom eLearning program for any level of your employees / managers / leaders.

  • We use attractive multimedia like animated visuals, flowcharts, graphics, icons, etc. in order to make the learning a worth, even by a layman.

  • There will be assessments, simulations embedded in the modules. It will help reinforce learning, understanding & in faster implementation.

The Guaranteed Benefits Of The Modules We Create

Benefits of eLearning Modules
  • Attention: An immediate attention of the learner leading to high engagement.

  • Retention: A reinforcement of learning by allowing participants to watch and practice, ensuring they’re retaining the key information..

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