Interactive SOPs

We craft highly engaging SOPs in interactive format that catch the attention of the readers / process owners, leading to faster learning & implementation. 

Facing The Challenge of Making Process Owners / Role Holders To Read Their SOPs?

Challenges in Process Documentation
  • They believe that they already know how to perform the task; so they resist to read them.

  • They find the procedures to be tedious

  • They find it time-consuming to read. 

  • They find it uninteresting to read.

  • They are not dynamic and are unengaging.

  • They are very long winded and a large content stuffed inside the document.

Or, Did You Realize This?

SOP Realization
  • You may have a lots of SOPs to enable the process owners execute their job responsibilities.

  • But there is a resistance from the process owners to read them inspite of crafting them in micro and macro detail, meticulously.

  • And you want the readers to read and understand the SOPs fast and implement them.
Interactive SOPs come to the aid in solving the above challenges.

They are a type of digital documentation that provides a user-friendly and engaging way to communicate instructions and guidelines for performing a particular task or process.

These SOPs use multimedia such as, interactivity elements, animations, graphics, and simulations, to make the learning experience more dynamic and engaging

They can also include a range of elements like quizzes, simulations, assessments and feedback systems that can help in reinforcement of the learning or the objectives of the SOP
Interactive SOPs

What Should Interactive SOPs Focus Its Value On?

The interactive SOPs must show a clear pathway towards organizational performance enhancement and for accelerated application.

The 2 Focused Objectives of Every SOP

Objective 1) Crystal Clear Understanding of the Process

Crystal Clear Understanding of the Process
  • Depict the procedures such that anyone reading or learning it will know the  process steps easily and fast.

  • Ultimate aim at engagement and 100% understanding the process drafts.

Objective 2) Faster Learning & Implementation

Learning & Implementing SOPs
  • Reduction in time to understand and implement the SOPs.

  • Ultimate aim at increase in speed of implementing the SOPs that are effective and efficient.

The Three Guaranteed Benefits Of The Interactive SOPs

Benefits of a Interactive SOP
  • Attention: An immediate attention of the reader and reduction of the resistance to read.

  • Effective Communication: Breaks the barrier of language (literacy).

  • Reinforcement: Acts as a very positive and great augmentation towards human behaviour.

Hire Us to Draft Your Interactive SOPs

Interactive SOPs
  • We design & craft them in engaging format to enable faster understanding of the process steps.

  • We use attractive multimedia like animated visuals, flowcharts, graphics, icons, etc. in order to make the read a worth, even by a layman.

  • There will be assessments, simulations embedded in the product. It will help reinforce learning, understanding & in faster implementation.
Interactive & Visual Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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