Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

We draft exceptionally & beautifully designed business / org processes and help in Implementation

Do you face these challenges in process drafting & documentation?

Challenges in Process Documentation
  • Lack of SOPs hampering consistency in day to day operations leading to unpredictable results.

  • The number of SOPs are inadequate.

  • Not all function's SOPs are available.

  • The available SOPs / Processes are themselves non compliant with actual procedures followed.

  • The SOPs are written poorly.

  • There are a lot of ambiguity in the drafts.

  • SOPs are not maintained & / or updated as and when changes are made.

  • Improper or no documentation is limiting the ability to understand the current performance and improve the processes.

  • Process Owners do not want to read them as they are like an essay or largely descriptive. They do not care to read them (this is called resistance to read the SOPs).

  • There is a lack of trained staff / manpower to write, maintain them properly.

  • There is a huge resistance by employees / process owners in implementing the SOPs.

Or, Did You Realize This?

SOP Realization
  • You may have - a small / big / complex set of processes.

  • But you want - a well written, easy to understand process.

  • And you need instructional based process writeups, that are easy to understand and implement.
A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a step – by – step set of instructions that help employees to execute their work efficiently

A existing SOP may need to just be modified and updated  

You may even write one from scratch 
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The SOP (Business Process) Triangle

For every process, there are 4 levels.

They are the Policy, the Procedures, the Work Instructions and the Implementation Templates / Formats

SOP Triangle

What Should The Process Draft Focus Its Value On?

Every Process must provide business value, capable of withstanding sudden contingencies

The process drafts must show a clear pathway to performance improvement and for accelerated adoption.

The 3 Focused Objectives of Every SOP

Objective 1) Succinct Depiction of Process Flow

Performance Measurement
  • Depict the process flow which will work like a good guidance on how to strengthen project processes with a focus on performance improvement.

  • Ultimate aim at reducing the process turnaround time & thus reduction in time to market

Objective 2) Performance Measurement Systems

Performance Measurement
  • Performance - orientated measurement methods, to improve reliability and consistency of benchmarks, while reducing the preparation time and life cycle costs.

  • Ultimate aim at increase in process efficiency.
Objective 3) Improved Business Performance
Business Performance
  • Oriented towards the achievement of business goals. 

  • Tied directly to operations in order to drive measurable improved performance against time, quality, budget, customer satisfaction and other key drivers.

The Key Departments / Functions that Require SOPs in Place


Research & Development

Planning Strategy SOP

Planning & Strategy

Accounts SOP


Finance SOP


Marketing SOP


Sales SOP


Production SOP


Quality Control SOP

Quality Control

Packing SOP

Packaging and Delivery

Operations SOP


Human Resource SOP

Human Resource (HR)

Training SOP

People Development (L&D)

Admin SOP



IT Systems

Infrastructure SOP

Facilities and Infrastructure

After Sales SOP

After Sales Service

Vendor Management SOP

Vendor Management


Client / Customer Relationship Management

There can be many departments or functions depending upon the industry or the product / service

Steps To Draft The Processes

Process Mapping

1) Gather the data from you

Data Analysis

2) Analyze the data in detail

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3) Standardize the data as per each process category

SOP Writing

4) Write the instructions, with flowcharts & each step explained in detail, pointwise

SOP Consultant - India

5) Develop implementation Templates, Checklists & Formats

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6) Collate everything into one document

SOP Writing

7) Collect feedbacks from concerned stakeholders and management

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8) Perform changes, edits, modifications, as desired

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9) Get Sign - Offs from the Process Owners / Management

SOP Writing

10) Top Management - Publish SOPs & Communicate with all Process Owners

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11) Convert the SOP Documents into Training Materials

SOP Consultant - India

12) Handover Project documents to the Project Manager & Close the Project

Hire Us to Draft Your Business Processes / SOPs

SOP Consultant India
  • We design & draft the them in instructional format to enable ease of understanding.

  • We use attractive flowcharts, visuals, graphics, icons, etc. wherever necessary, to make the document worth a read & to understand, even by a layman.

  • Till now, we have written more than 2500 SOPs.

  • We have worked in diverse industries and clients since 2012.

  • We can be trusted upon to write any type of SOP required.

  • We guarantee that you will be delighted by our drafts.
Process Mapping

We map the processes across functions leaving no process steps missed.

SOP Consultant - India

The drafting is done considering all associated functions

SOP Consultant - India

There will be a knowledge retention as the format will consist of beautiful flowcharts/visuals

SOP Training

The process drafts can be easily converted into training materials

SOP Training

They can also be easily uploaded on your internal portal (if you have one)

The Processes / Artefacts we draft can be easily used as a foundational aspect for any ERP with ease.

The 6 Key Benefits Of The SOPs We Draft

Process Standardization

The processes will become standardized

Employee Roles and Responsibilities

The employees will become clear on their roles and responsibilities

Operational Issues

There will be less operational chaos

Performance Improvement

There will be visible improvement in  quality/adherence to compliances

Rework & Rejection

There will be less rejections and reworking

Employee Efficiency

There will be a measurable improvement in the efficiency of your employees

Some More Benefits of the SOPs we Draft

SOP Consultant India
  • There will be good consistency in processes and tasks across departments and teams.

  • They will provide clear and succinct instructions for employees to follow, reducing the chance of errors or mistakes.

  • They will provide a reference point for employees to refer to when they are unsure of how to perform a task.

  • They will aid in helping to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in processes.

  • They will help to facilitate communication and coordination between departments and teams

  • They will help to maintain compliance with regulations and stds.

  • They will help to maintain continuity in operations during personnel changes or absences.

Our Guarantee / Assurance

SOP Consultant India
  • The SOPs we draft will be with multiple customized views that apply to different business environments, enabling a view of the framework that meets your improvement needs.

  • Application of these High-Quality SOPs we draft, will guarantee you business benefits in short as well as medium and long term.

Deliverables of the SOP Drafting Project

Process Documentation

Process Manual

Process Documentation

SOP – For Each Process Function

Quality Checklist

Quality Checklists

SOP Implementation

Implementation Templates

Process Documentation

Editable Files - For  Edits

SOP Training Material

Training Materials

Want Us To Guide / Mentor / Handhold Your Team in Implementing the SOPs Successfully?

How to Implement SOPs?
  • We conduct focused sessions and train the stakeholders in understanding, appreciating the drafts and importance of implementing them. 

  • We start with a pilot implementation in one area and analyze the results. 

  • Based on the results and performance, we guide / mentor the process owners to make necessary course corrections. 

  • Then we guide / mentor the concerned stakeholder team to implement the artifacts in other areas, in a phased manner.

  • We help to select a team for conducting audits and train them on the best audit practices.

  • We help them to conduct regular audits and so that there is a pathway created for ensuring continuous improvements, over a period of time.

Our Guarantee / Assurance in Implementation Guidance / Mentorship

SOP Consultant India
  • You will be able to see measurable benefits from the effort, after implementation.

  • We mentor the process owners to follow procedures which will bring in uniformity and excels the brand value in the market. It will help sync all your processes to follow the same framework.

  • We will not rest till project completion. We will guide / mentor your  team to ensure a 100% & successful implementation.

  • The SOPs that you implement with our guidance will push your towards becoming one of the best process oriented companies in the world.
Key Features Of The Work We Do
SOP Consultant India

We just do not build your business processes, that are truly world class, bust also guide, mentor, handhold you to implement and to propel a faster growth

  • We involve with you, right from the stage of drafting the processes to improving them, handholding for success in implementation to ensuring continuous improvements.

  • We guide you drive the transformational change silently.

  • Our engagements will guarantee success to your organization and will make your business productive.

Our diverse experience and perspectives in different industries will lead to unmatched thinking and actionable ideas, solutions that will bring your company short, medium and long term benefits. And this is guaranteed...

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